We are currently hiring for a variety of offshore positions including Captains, Mates, Engineers, Deckhands, Cooks & Galley hands. As well as entry level job placement.

We have been assisting people find offshore employment for over 10 years. Our trained staff is ready and standing by to help you begin your career in the offshore industry. We are dedicated to finding you the job you deserve!!

3 Easy Steps to get a job offshore:

1. Certification:
All offshore jobs require a TWIC card from the Department of Transportation. If you don’t already have one, apply at www.twicinformation.com.

Some of our offshore jobs require Safe Gulf/PEC certification. Information on getting this can be found at: www.pecsafety.com/safegulf/

2. Submit job application:
You can fill out or application online or download a copy of the application and fax it to us.
To fill out the application online: Click here to apply
To download a copy of the application: Click here to download a copy of the application

3. Provide documents:
After applying, we need a copy of your TWIC card and driver’s license before we can place you in a job. You can fax this in with the signed employment agreements.